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Planning For Nursing Home Or Assisted Care

Long-term care planning enables individuals and families to consider residence and care options when faced with an illness, injury or change in the level of independence, along with the financial arrangements required for all levels of care.

During your long-term care planning process, Maureen L. Anderson will educate your family on the types of care and the differences among them, including assisted living, personal care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation. If you wish to remain in your home, you will understand the options available, and the costs involved.

Long-Term Care Planning By A Certified Elder Law Attorney

With proper planning, seniors do not need to spend down all of their assets, leaving their spouse and heirs with nothing. Ms. Anderson can explain your options and legitimate asset protection strategies to protect your family wealth legacy while ensuring you receive long-term care if and when that time comes.

Get Started Today On Care Planning

The farther in advance you start planning, the more options you have for preserving assets and arranging for quality care. However, we understand that sometimes the need for skilled nursing or assisted care comes sooner than expected. Maureen L. Anderson can help whether you are planning for the future or dealing with an urgent situation.

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