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Assistance For Probate and Estate Administration

When a person passes away, what happens to their assets and belongings? If that person had assets, there may be a need to open an estate. This is known as probate or estate administration. Family members or other individuals, who have been designated to serve as executor to administer an estate and carry out the provisions of a will, undertake what can be a time consuming, complex and detailed process. If there is no will, or if there is no designated executor, an estate administrator will be appointed by the Register of Wills. The executor or administrator is in a position of fiduciary responsibility and is accountable to the estate’s beneficiaries and creditors.

Maureen L. Anderson Elder Law has the knowledge and experience to make the job easier, helping the executor or administrator comply with the requirements of the role and avoid mistakes which could be costly and lead to personal responsibility. Utilizing Maureen L. Anderson Elder Law to guide you through the process can help you properly and accurately complete these duties and responsibilities in the most efficient manner possible.

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Maureen Anderson is a certified elder law attorney who has over two decades of experience and estate administration. Her compassionate and detail-oriented approach helps executors and administrators navigate the process.

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