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Assistance For Probate And Estate Administration

When an individual passes away, what happens to their assets and belongings? If the individual had assets, there may be a need to open an estate. This is often known as probate or estate administration.

Maureen L. Anderson Elder Law assists family members or other individuals who have been tapped to administer an estate. It is worth utilizing the services of an experienced lawyer to carry out those duties properly and efficiently.

Guidance For A Complex Responsibility

When a person dies, an executor or administrator must be appointed to represent the estate. The personal representative is a fiduciary and owes a duty to the beneficiaries of the estate as well as creditors. Maureen Anderson can help you understand these duties and help you comply with the requirements of the role of an executor or personal representative of the estate.

The executor or administrator has the responsibility to:

  • Open the estate in probate court
  • Notify beneficiaries
  • File estate or inheritance taxes
  • Pay debts of the estate
  • Manage assets
  • Make distributions to the heirs and beneficiaries

Maureen Anderson will patiently guide you through the duties and help you overcome any obstacles.

Call Today For Experienced Help

Maureen Anderson is a certified elder law attorney who has nearly two decades of experience with estate planning and estate administration, including the ongoing administration of trusts. Her compassionate and detail-oriented approach makes the work go smoother.

To schedule an estate administration consultation, call our Doylestown law office at 215-595-2600 or contact us online.