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Experienced Estate Planning To Put Your Wishes In Writing

Estate planning allows you to plan for current and future situations of all kinds. It is an important tool for almost everyone who wants to ensure their wishes are carried out to their specifications.

Maureen L. Anderson Elder Law provides full-service estate planning to individuals and families. As a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) with years of experience, Maureen Anderson is highly qualified to provide guidance on health and financial planning issues related to retirement and aging. Her compassionate approach will help you talk through sensitive subjects to make sure all important issues are addressed.

The Elements Of An Estate Plan

We recommend that everyone have the following estate planning documents in place:

  • A will allows you to designate how your assets are distributed after death.
  • Under a power of attorney, you name an agent to act on your behalf if you become disabled or incapacitated.
  • A financial power of attorney allows your agent to represent you in financial and business transactions.
  • A health care power of attorney permits you to designate an agent to act on your behalf in health care decisions if you are unable to make such decisions for yourself.
  • A living will allows you to state your wishes for end-of-life treatment. It informs your loved ones and your medical providers as to the level and type of care you wish to receive at the end of life.

Start Planning Today For What Tomorrow May Bring

We can assist you in creating an estate plan that adheres to your specific wishes, and provide a guide for your loved ones to execute those wishes. Call our law office at 215-595-2600 or contact us online to schedule an appointment with Maureen L. Anderson and to begin your estate planning process.

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